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Reversed Grounds [2022]

Solo at Albada Jelgersma Gallery, Lijnbaansgracht 318 Amsterdam

"Reversed Grounds presents a series of small, intimate paintings in muted colors where subject matter and background shift. With these works, Rothman continues her examination of the nature of perception and the tenets of painting as a medium."


False Color [2019/2020]

Solo show at Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, 2019 followed by a solo show at Albada Jelgersma Gallery, Amsterdam, 2020

"Her latest paintings with floral motifs are both a homage and a form of absalonism, both embracing and rejecting the long tradition." more

And so it stays [2016]

catalogue text by Hans den Hartog Jager

"In Marjolein Rothman's paintings, reality slips right through your fingers. Take the Zeno series, several paintings from which are included in her exhibition at Wetterling Gallery. Each one shows a mother and child standing by the sea." more

Kurt [2012]

De series collages (Kurt I, II, III) komt voort uit het streven Kurt opnieuw tevoorschijn te brengen maar toont ook de onmogelijkheid daarvan omdat Kurt alles, zelfs zijn gezicht, is ontnomen. more

Gaze [2012]

Lotte Moller: "Marjolein Rothman's new body of work entitled Gaze is, more than anything, about visuality as a social construct. Her work presents an on-going investigation of the act of looking or gazing.” more

Iconography [2009]

"Are these political paintings? Yes, in the best possible sense: unencumbered by ideology but unflaggingly attentive to the iconography – and the essential facelessness - of power." more

Our Land [2008]

Solo show at Motive Gallery Amsterdam, 2008

"Rothman turns 'Our Land' into a field of possible views on those who shaped and underwent the fates of what has become an unmasterable past." more

Iconography I, Iconography II [2006/ 2007]

"In this way, these fragmented visions undermine the iconic and solid nature of their models while also, paradoxically, producing powerfully suggestive works, the ghost-like appearance of which - between complete presence and absence - provide them with a new mythical dimension." more

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